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To maintain a true international blend of members, the International Club divides memberships into six regional quotas. Each region cannot exceed more than 17% of the total permanent membership. In addition to this, no single country may have more than 10% of the total membership.

Permanent Membership

Permanent Membership is valid for an unlimited period and is available for any expat residing in Bangladesh and their families. Applicants must hold a valid work-related visa and work permit for Bangladesh.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Memberships are valid for three years. The company must possess a certificate of incorporation. The membership can cover up to five nominees. Membership is subject to availability.

Temporary Membership

Temporary Memberships for valid for 3 months, with the possibility to extend for an additional 3 months. In this case, Applicants must hold a valid Bangladesh visa. Membership is subject to availability.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Memberships are solely for ambassadors and other high-ranking officials. There is no waiting list for this type of membership, should the applicant be deemed suitable.

Yearly Pass Membership

The IC Yearly pass is valid for 1 year. It is available for foreigners and their spouses who are living in Dhaka on a short-term contract. Membership is subject to availability.

Short Term Membership

Short Term Visitors Pass Is For Visiting Family Or Friends Of Our Members. This Pass Can Be Availed For A Period Of Min 15 Days To A Max Of 90 Days. Membership is subject to availability.