Developing for You

IC Development

It's been a busy year of development around the International Club, as the Executive Commitee and managers strive to cater to the requirements of our members. We listen to the comments of our members and do our best to accommodate their requests.

So far this year we have extended the gym, made a bigger children's playroom, added a room for teenagers, brought the pool table downstairs and replaced it with a new one, and imported a wood-fired pizza oven.

This week we have begun construction of a shade over the area between the bar and the pool which will allow members to remain outside during rain, and to get a little shade and cooler air on hot days.

We're also in the process of buying new playground equipment and will be donating the old set to a charity working with underprivileged children.

We hope you like the modifications and, of course, we always appreciate your feedback on how we're doing.