About Us

The International Club was established in 1987 by a group of friends from Italy, Denmark, France, Egypt and Japan. From these humble beginnings the club has grown to be one of the most popular expat clubs in Dhaka. Our membership currently stands at 300 permanent memberships, 40 corporate memberships and 20 temporary memberships. Many of our members are diplomats, heads of international missions and leaders in global business.
The foundation of friendship on which the IC was built remains one of its most charming characteristics. Members have met here, partied here, brokered business agreements here, relaxed here, and even married and started families here.

As well as providing excellent facilities and a warm atmosphere for our members, catering to the needs of both families and individuals, the Club also endeavors to make donations to charitable organizations in our host community of Bangladesh.

The International Club is a not for profit organization which is run by, and for, its members. Each year, an election takes place to appoint the president and executive committee for the following twelve months. Any permanent member is eligible to stand for election.